Resists etc

Now that I've cracked the sub 200 ranks in arena, I notice a lot more resists/deflecting/etc. While it makes sense, I feel like the innate tenacity is too high. My toons that apply debuffs, and toons who remove buffs, are failing alarmingly often.

My issue is it has the feel of rendering the support role less meaningful. To an extent it makes sense, at least (and I'm sure ther're more reasons) in so far as the time limit necessitates this as games could go to draw more often.

But I feel it's hampering the depth of play. Is it just the rngesus getting me?


PS-as I crawl higher in pve I'm noticing the same issue, only it's simply making things more challenging, though no less frustrating.


  • Are you challenging people who're a few levels above you? People with a level advantage apparently get a bonus to their resists and potencys against lower level teams to help cancel any debuffs while making it easier for them to slap one on you.
  • I do play above my level most often, though I don't think it's too often the case when doing pve stuff. Of course the mobs being elite and such impact it I'm sure, but it's all the mobs not just the elite ones.

    But what you said for arena makes sense.
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