horrible drop rate or bad luck?

I just used around 600 energy on one battle continuously to farm an epic item and I received 5 out of the 20 that I needed . horrible drop rates or bad luck? Thoughts ? 5/75 were successful


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    Wow you guys are so helpful
  • 123
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    Very unlucky, I've had bad cold streaks but not that bad, generally if one battle won't drop after a few attempts I move onto another, I also wait a.minute or two whilst I'm on the battle screen before simming in case there's some sort of loading time for items (that might just be in my head) I used 100 energy this morning for one piece of purple.
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    I just usually buy all the shipments and it turn out they are exactly what I need..
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  • Baldo
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    Horrible drop rate. Has been since i[date
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