Best victory to date

Thought I'd ramble here to no-one in particular, I just faced a squad of Barriss, Dooku, Sid, Chewie and HK47. My squad isn't the best in the land; Chewie, Talia, Luke, Consular and Jawa.

Basically Luke got a stun in the first round on Dooku with his special which allowed me to take him down with no counters before Chewie could taunt. From then on it was just a matter of taking down the big hitters one at a time. Easy battle in the end, but probably the best squad of 'big' characters that I've beaten, and without losing any of my characters either.

Point being, use the characters you have to their advantage, they might surprise you against what looks like an unbeatable team in front of you


  • Yeah my team is vanilla but I win. I grinned out Ashoka, and use tie pilot. Those are my only real heros, if you can call tie pilot a hero, he sure hits like one. I'm current power lvl 8.4ish and I beat 10k teams with Jedi and 4* + champs. Tie pilot kills babies
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