Who to farm next

I'm about to finish farming my Phasma up to 7* in GW. With her, I have both Phasma and Lumi at 7* but I'm not sure who to farm next. To be honest, none of the other characters interest me much. I'm thinking of maybe IG-86 or Poggle, but none would offer a real improvement to any of my squads. I would love to hear about suggestions of a character that I might be overviewing


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    Personally I would go for ig-86. Hits hard. Even if he doesn't fit in your team he's a good toon to have and you get login shards for him this month. Even if he's a bench toon, as fodder in gw he could take out or atleast seriously injure an enemy to soften them up for the A team.
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    I did Lumi, phasma and poggle to 7* and I've been just converting the tokens to shard currency but may finish of 86 or res pilot someday. Half of the heroes in GW shipments don't really tempt me, but here's to hoping for new heroes.

    If you don't have that many heroes, unlocking new ones is usually good advice though.
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