Just a word of advice as you climb up...

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First off, unless you are part of a brand new shard, as you near the top 20, you might want to look at the names of the players and see if there is some sort of arena shard chat to ask to join. That will help you learn players payouts and often even give you some feedback on your team. You can often find them in this section.

Second, if you are 10k+ power less than some of the people you are attacking - and are not part of the shard chat, expect to be attacked back, either by them or others. On many "older" shards there is a certain respect for players who respect other's payouts...an "honor among thieves" mentality. On the flipside, there is a sort of lack of respect for "new faces" - especially if they completely disregard payout times, or attack when it's not theirs.

Often you can find someone's payout time on SWGOH.gg (it's the time their info is updated) - so if it says "2 hours ago" go ahead and have fun. If says "23 hours ago" their payout is in an hour - beware.

Also, sending an "Ally Request" to someone with significantly higher power/better toons whom you've just beaten is often taken (for right or wrong) as an insult. Don't do this - unless you really want to make an enemy of someone who is stronger than you. Especially since the meta changes. A team that can win now, might have a rough time later.

Finally, take note of people's guilds. If you have a hard time reaching an individual player, you might be able to contact his/her guild.

Of course, feel free to disregard any and all of the above. But if you find yourself being locked out at your payout, or struggling to break into the top 20, don't say you don't know why - it probably has to do with at least some of the above. :)
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    To be honest, I never send ally requests to arena opponents I just beat. It's basically waving a red flag in their face that they just got displaced when they get that ally request mail. I only send requests to people I fail to beat, and accept any requests sent my way from those who displaced me in arena (if I have room).

    It works the same the other way around. If I get an ally invite from somebody around my level, first thing I check after accepting it is whether my arena rank changed.

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  • I will further this advice with a selfish perspective too. I was top 50 forever and then ran into a shardmate, shout out to @Izza on the forums here and he invited me into the chat. The help and coordination I received from those guys was the single best thing to happen to me as I'm not in an HAAT guild, which I believe is even better as that gets you kenobi AND better TB rewards.

    The selfish part? The gigantic crystal boost once you can get top 5 which is so much easier when your opponents work with you. Plus, if you are looking for a new/better guild, they will tell you if they have an opening. I talk to shard mates as much if not more that to guild mates.
  • I've given up on arena for now. Just can't be bothered and don't have time and am on a less sharing, more aggressive shard.

    Good post though with sound advice.
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