Help With Team

Swept up until the 6* thanks to Wiggs, but my Wedge is only 5* and has no hope of reaching 6 before the event ends.

All I have at 6* are

FB Luke 6*, Gear 7, level 64

AA 6*, Gear 7, level 70

Old Ben 6*, Gear 7, level 70

Biggs 7*, Gear 7, level 70

Zeb 6*, Gear 7, level 65


K-2SO 6*, Gear 7, level 70

No other rebels are even close to 6* so I won't get any other options before the event is up, my biggest problem is the guards, they tank through anything I throw at them due to my severe lack of damage and Palp reheals any damage I inflict whenever I somehow manage to kill the guards.

Am I screwed? What lead should I go with? Which team comp would work the best for this?

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