New features to be developed in the future releases

Please post here what features you wish to have developed and implemented in future releases.

For example I really want to be able to have a fight with a friend or an acquaintance.
Like send an invite, like you do now for ally invitation. And schedule for a particular day an hour when the fight will take place.
Right now there is like something missing that you can discuss with your fellows about best tactics but cannot test it or prove it which one is better.
Or simply like fun battles with your can fight now with all others but now with your friends. I know that there can be different servers but in this way players belonging to different servers can meet and test their of 3 or best of 5 battles (changing the teams from your army between battles if you like).

So feel free to post your comment on this topic!


  • Of course it had to limit this feature or better said to integrate in the game system.
    To do this for a best of 3 battles will consume 15 energy x 3 = 45 energy and for 5 will be 5 x 15 = 75 energy.
    Or can be a separate resource like 2 invites per day.
    What do you think?
  • I want guilds and a live vs friend battles
  • I want those mentioned above, but I really want there to be character costumes. Like young Obi-Wan, normal Han Solo, Luke as Jedi, etc.
  • Ki adi mundi
  • I think it would be simple one implement a live battle heads up.
    Whenever someone selects you to fight in an arena battle have the system prompt the user and give them like 5 seconds or something to accept the fight. That way if you are active on the game and someone challenges you it gives you the chance to truly defend your ranking position.
  • I know absolutely nothing about though. It seems simple to me in theory but maybe it is very difficult to add that function
  • A lobby where players can pvp on line. You enter the lobby, you are game. Like a texas hold'em heads up.
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