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Recruiting for my new guild. I'm an experienced player who started a guild with my alt. Looking for fairly active players to knock around the rancor. It's just for fun, won't get kicked for missing a couple days. With enough bodies we should even be able to do TB.
If you are already in a guild, but want to try something different, or know someone who might want to join, please do.
744 FSC


  • I started one up to and tired of the same rules if yours don't work out maybe you can join mine and together can build an empire
  • Thanks mate. I'm kinda burnt out in my main guild. But can't live without the gear...lol
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    Hi! Any chance you, or even your guild would be interested in joining a new guild! Lightsaber Blue would love to add you!

    We are a smaller guild of long time players. We keep it simple with only a few rules such as - 0 damage for first 24 hours of a raid and raids always start at midnight GMT. We do Normal Tank Raids and farming Heroic Rancor Raids.

    Please consider us :)

    Let me know if you have any questions!
    My discord username is Leifenator#8462

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