Wish List/Vision that I have for the game

Hey, I just wanted to throw together a few things (sorry if it may have been said in the past I'm only 3 weeks into the game) that I believe will elevate this game even further. BTW I'd like to say I love the game and EA has done a great job!

1. Player Guilds/clan/ally - however you want to call it I think this feature is paramount to keep players engaged and actively logged in. Imagine if we could communicate with allies and say hey I could use a Captain Phasma for my attack in cantina. This isn't something unheard of btw since I've played clash of clans and it has a similar system in which you can communicate with your clan/allies and request certain characters. I think this game would benefit greatly from it.

2. Defensive replays! Yes, this would be a useful and fun tool for fans! This would allow players to see how their teams react and play out on defense, which could influence adjustments, and also it would be FUN to watch your awesome team that you worked on, do some work in squad arena!

3. Ability to set, save and view teams for different areas. This I think would be important so that players can set the leader of their choosing with out having to play a match to be able to share with allies when needed.


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