Having more fun mixing up the team.

I have been having trouble completing Galactic War since I reached level 60 and was usually using this team for battles.

QGJ, 4*, Lv 60 or Phasma, 6*, Lv 60 (L)
HK-47, 7* Lv 60
Dooku, 5*, Lv 60
Jedi C, 5*, Lv 60

I have since started to make different teams and I have had a lot more success and enjoyment from playing the game. I have swapped out Dooku and Phasma completely and only use them if I need to work around the opposite team. The team that I am having the most fun with at the moment is...

QGJ, 4*, Lv 60, (L)
Jedi C, 5*, Lv 60
HK-47, 7*, Lv 60
Vader, 4*, Lv 60
Lumi, 4*, Lv 60

It doesn't look like a team that would work well together, but honestly I am having the most fun with the game by swapping out characters and having a more relaxed approach to GW. I fully completed the last GW using the above team, which is something that I haven't done in a while.

Does anyone else have more fun playing around with the characters?
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