PSA: Chewie Gear Level 7 kinda marginal

Just to give people a bit more info to consider when prioritising gear:

Chewie's Level 7 gear options are a bit odd for a tank. Three of them aren't currently equippable, having level requirements over Level 60. Of the remainder, one adds 25 physical crit rating and another adds 46 physical damage. The last, requiring clvl 59, is +15 str/agi/int, +10 phys damage and +15 resistance.

Given that Chewie's role is mainly to soak damage for the rest of the team, the lack of any bonus health or armor (apart from what you get from the +15 str) is somewhat weird and makes the grind to get into gear level 7 slightly marginal.

So my advice, if you're deciding between grinding for Chewie and one of your other characters.... let the Wookie wait.


  • I rather fives as a tank he is far superior, but Chewie is the easiest to farm and the only good one to farm in squad cantina battles
  • Yeah, I think you're fine farming shards for him (although Consular is another good candidate for cantina shard farming).

    In terms of gear, though, not a bad idea to leave Chewie at Level VI.
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