Profit mining: 8400 gold, 4 times in a row LOL.

Heard the complain that the new profit mining payout got cut 50%.
I had extra energy so I figured what the hell, did the mining and it showed 8400, so I went back and took another look at description, ok it says base is 8400 with a chance of 3x. I did three more mining, got 8400 every time.
LOL, feel like getting 25k is going to be farming purple gear mats. **** CG.


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    I had a decent streak this morning. I almost never do these events but I wasn't close to any gear leveling nor was there any particular hard mode shard that was remotely close to promotion, and my credits were down to 16k. Did the battle twice and got 25,200 the first time, and 16,800 second time (didn't even know there was a 2X...)

    Later today I got 8,400 :/. Brought my bank back up to almost 90K with some other sims as well.

    Not good by any means, but maybe less horrible than I thought. Still pretty bad though: 50,400 credits for 74 energy = 681 credits per energy.
    Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!
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    I've tried several more times than that and no procs. It's just not worth it so I'll pass on it until it's tweaked.
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    By chance they mean no chance in hell . Don't do it. It's such a ridiculous waste of energy and they need to fix it.
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