Mod Upgrade Question

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Just bought a 4 million credit gold speed triangle mod. It had a speed secondary of 5. Upgraded all the way to 15 and the three other secondaries got boosts but the speed stayed at 5. Is this functioning correctly or should the speed secondary have gotten a bump too? Thanks for looking into this.
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  • scuba
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    Any of the showing stats could bump up.
    A gold mod one stat can bump 4 times. As you have found out many times the one you want to go up never does.
  • crzydroid
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    This is why I never bother buying mods anymore. Have had much better luck levelling up sinmed mods.
  • It's totally RNG.. if u're VERY lucky, u'll get that speed bump to +20. Average luck: bump to +10. If bad luck.. well, like what u just experienced. I'm sorry :/
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