Status Effects

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I have heard people mention they're broke, but not much talk or explanation how exactly some Status Effect really work.

The ones I really want to question are Defense Up and Down. Now anybody with a basic level of logic (not something EA/CG has), would think that if you get the effect of Defense Up, which is +50% defense it means you would receive half the damage as you normally would, same would go for Defense Down, meaning you would inflict twice as much damage.

But as many of you may have noticed, neither of these effects do what they should, because even with Defense Up I still get hit by the same amount, and when defense is down, my attacks don't any more damage than usual.

Another effect in question is Foresight which is 100% Evasion chance against one attack and then it expires. ONE attack, THEN it EXPIRES!!!!! That is obviously not the case with assisted attacks as both attacks are dodged, I'm looking at you YODA!

Advantage doesn't seem to do anything, this needs to be fixed to go along the ability to inflict an attack ignoring defense like some characters already have.

Critical Chance Up has a "2x" (times 2 I suppose) icon, but in reality it only does 25%. Really?

Evasion Up, 10% Really? How about 50% Evasion Up coupled up with already built in Evasion and really make it useful. As of now I don't see a difference except on Lumi, but she already has Elegant Steps which really does make a difference.

Bombs ... don't even get me started, why would you make a bomb detonate after 3 turns? and when it does detonate it does it does laughable damage.

Any others? Share your thoughts

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