Guild mates dropping unwillingly

In the past few days, there have been 2 instances where 2 guild mates left the guild. Both are back in, and said they thought they were kicked. They didnt leave on their own accord, nor were they removed by any officers. Our guild has pretty good communication and deduced that there is a bug/glitch.
~Y O U T H v2
Guild: Paradigm of Virtue (PoV)
Line: GohYouth


  • Mzee
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    I can confirm this bug is still an issue. My guild just got a new member, and a few hours later it said he left the guild. He asked why he was booted in Discord, and guild chat just says he left.
  • The same was in my guild, too
  • Youthv2
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    (Edit)Thought we lost another (a 3rd) due to this epidemic, but he left on his own accord. So nevermind
    ~Y O U T H v2
    Guild: Paradigm of Virtue (PoV)
    Line: GohYouth
  • Hiya!
    This issue has been addressed in our latest Server release today (10/5). We appreciate your patience as this was looked into.
    • When you join a guild, it will now properly cancel the request to join any prior guild that you requested to join.
    Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
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