What group r you in?

Since we have groups called whales and dolphins, why not put other players in a animal groups too :) Here is my suggestion:

1. Giant squid : players who paid more than 10k
2. Octopus: players who paid more than 5k
3. Whales: players who paid more than 1k
4. Dolphins: players who paid less than 1k
5. Bears: players who r F2P

What r your suggestions?


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  • Rolf
    1032 posts Member
    Da bears.
    My ally code: 296-673-769. Wish we could have more than 35.
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    Bear Squad
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    Here is a fun fact about squids.

    -The only predators that giant squid have are **** whales.
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    Whales: 5k+
    Sharks: 2.5k-5k
    Dolphins: 1k-2.5k
    Tuna: 200-1k
    Octopus: 1-200
    Minnow: F2P

    Hint: I'm an octopus: $35 tab as of now.

    OG Squad:
    5 star Luminara (GW, almost to 6 stars)
    5 star Dooku (All through farming)
    5 star JC (Most of my farming that I do, almost to 6)
    5 star Sidious (My entire Arena shipments aside from ventress and opress)
    4 star Qui Gon (Cantina farm last 3 weeks, spent $10 on cantina refills)

    Secondary Squad:
    4 star Cad Bane (Yep, I paid for him)
    4 star Talia (I just like her)
    4 star Fives (More Cantina farming)
    4 star Chewie (Second best tank)
    4 star Phasma (The rest of my GW)

    I have never gotten ANYTHING from bronzium packs. EVER. I want Barriss and Kylo SO BAD you would not even be able to imagine. Also, I occasionally put in a secondary person in my OG squad... I can never decide if QG or Sid is the better leader. I also like Luminara's leader ability, even though there's no luv for it in the forums.
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