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The stupid timer in arena has to go or at least extended when a character in the opposite team is defeated. It's annoying having to attack againts a team with Barris and chewbacca! All it does is stall since chew acts decides to take all the damage and the Harris heals him back and it could take almost 2 minutes just to kill him. Other times if they have a count doku his counter attacks or bonus just stall even more! It's so stupid, there's been plenty of times when I'm about to win and then timer runs out, it's so stupid.


  • Not sure why you're posting a rant about PvP timers being too short in a Bugs and Issues forum when it's clearly not a bug or an issue.

    You just need to accept that your current PvP team setup isn't strong enough to beat teams stronger than you to advance in rank. It's called character progression. You'll get there eventually.
  • Umm well that would be considered an issue. However, Its not difficult to defeat if you're familiar with PvP games, as least I never have yet but I'll let you know if I do experience this issue and I'll do my best to find ways around it. But I do agree with Slushie on the vey last part remain, positive, you'll kick their tail in no time!
  • I think the frustrating thing is the 5 minute timer in combination with the sometimes very poor AI when you switch to autoplay. I once had a fight where I was 4 against one but only very little time left, so I switched to auto-battle. Then in two rounds I saw Chewie using taunt, then Counselar healing, Talia healing and Chewie healing again, and then the time was up with my opponent down to his last hero with a sliver of health.
    Also, when you stand five strong against one or two (often times Bariss and/or Chewie, maybe Dooku) and you see the time running out it's frustrating. Because I have to disagree with the "your team simply isn't strong enough if you can't finish in 5 minutes" argument.
    If you have a team that would win 9 out of 10 against an opponent without time limit, but draws (aka loses) 5 out of 10 because of the time limit it is frustrating.
    I would appreciate some kind of fast forward function for attack animation (like in HoDA).
  • I posted it here because it's an issue, I'm at top 15 in my server and it's almost impossible to beat chewbacca when taunting and Barris healing him back to life and then healing himself again and it's just a constant process, then I often try to target Barris but her health allows her to take a lot of hits and allow her to heal at least once, by the time I take her down 3-4 minutes have passed, then I have chewbacca to take down. Also it makes me mad to have to wait for count doku to finish his "Counter attack", "Bonus attack", "Regular attack" it's so annoying. I could take the teams down if it weren't for the timer, sometimes I end up having a count doku during the end and 1 minute left, but as stated before, he keeps stalling time!
  • Slushie
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    Everyone could take down any team if they were given unlimited time.

    But you don't have unlimited time, that's the point of the PvP timer.

    The goal is to defeat the enemy team within 5 minutes and if you can't then it means you're not strong enough to be fighting that team, or you need to reassess your strategy.

    If they started giving you 8 minutes to fight then people would still complain that it's not enough time if they draw and will ask for more, then where will it end?

    Not to mention there's a legitimate technical reason why there's a time limit for PvP.
    It's because when you engage another player, both of your character records are locked which means nobody can fight you.

    How many complaints would people have if they wanted to start an Arena fight but couldn't because someone was engaged in a battle with them for 10+ minutes?
  • Starting to realize this whole game is a rigged scam. Plenty of impossible teams you play against. You cant have purple gear at lev 44...but i fought another "player" that did. A **** developer player team rigged against you. Think its time to move from this piece of shet game.
    Its only designed to frustrate u to lure u to spend money. There is no reward for moving forward, because everytime u do, it just get 10x harder. Im at level 50 and basically hate this game.
  • Slushi, that's why I had said that every time you defeat someone maybe 1 minute is added, so the timer starts maybe at 3 minutes and when you defeat someone 1 minute is added and so on.
  • Top 15 and complaining? You need to be more straightforward, and quit beating around the bush. Quit playing games and be honest. Just ask the development team to give you first place.
  • I see your point, there are just times that make me mad to see 1 character left and 1 minute left, but they keep stalling time when they counter attack.
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    I wish i had the same problems an was rank 15 in my group lmfao. I squeek top 100 most days but neve rget close to runnin out of time lol i will take that trade off for the better rewards ;)
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    HBu3No wrote: »
    I see your point, there are just times that make me mad to see 1 character left and 1 minute left, but they keep stalling time when they counter attack.

    Either have the same team make-up and enjoy knowing you are just as frustrating, or get a FOTP and kill them before they even get a chance to do anything (only time I have run out of time is one round where all ai crit my fotp and he died - also the only time he has died in arena).
    --Nud Stark--
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    I managed to make a little strategy to kill chewbacca without him getting a chance to get healed and saves me a lot of time, I managed to pull through top 10. However I'd still like to see a timer that gains 1 minute every kill, and it starts maybe at 2 or 3min
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