Let's talk the PS rework


A team rises from the ashes stronger as a familiar foe returns.


Now some people are saying this might be a FO rework, but I find that highly unlikely. FO had a rework earlier this year and it's still too far away from the movie to make sense. If anything, FO will get more characters in December that will be their 'rework', as opposed to modifying the existing characters.

So, to me, the above statement in the update post means Phoenix Squad is getting a rework. What sort of things are you hoping to see, either as zeta's or as modifications of their existing kit?

Kanan - I'd like to see Kanan get a pre-taunt added on to his existing kit. He's SO SLOW right now - by the time you get taunt up, someone else is probably already dead. This would also make him an interesting character to put in to a GK jedi group.

Hera - 1) Allow her to cast Backup Plan on herself. 2) Zeta upgrade to Backup Plan. Target with Backup Plan gets an extra button added to their action bar (a la Thrawn). If someone is dead, the target can use this button to randomly rez a party member. 3) Leadership ability should allow any unique to persist through death for other PS members. Basically if you start with 5 PS members, all their uniques last for the entire fight, even if there's only one member left.

Zeb - Honestly, I got nothing. I really like Zeb, and think his kit is great, especially when combined with Hera and Ezra calling him to attack. You get three chances to Daze and then Stun an opponent, which is amazing. *Maybe* have a zeta upgrade that makes his stun unresistible, but that might be a bit too much. Still, zeta's are made to be powerful so yeah - I say unresistible stun if the opponent has daze.

Ezra - Another one I really don't have anything for. I guess a zeta to Rushing Strike to make it a 50% multi attack change, or 100% without debuffs.

Sabine - Zeta to Demolish. Chance to expose and stagger *all* enemies instead of just the primary target. Reduce cooldown by 1.

Chopper - Increase damage to his existing basic attack. Zeta to grant 2 PS members stats up, and 100% chance to reduce their cooldowns.

So ... what you got?


  • Not sure about a re-work. I think the quote is just hinting that Thrawn event will be back next month with release of rebels season
  • Who rises again from ashes ?!? .... Phenix of course
    GAT event is back
  • Liath
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    Not sure about a re-work. I think the quote is just hinting that Thrawn event will be back next month with release of rebels season

    The word stronger indicates some sort of improvement to the team.
  • Zetas could make them meta don't you think?
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  • With the way the game is currently pacing, I'd imagine some sort of new PHX toon being released. Stronger could also be in reference to their ships, not just the toons. PHX was released not too long ago. I'd be a bit surprised if they buffed them already.
  • I think - thrawn back- phx zetas. Would be nice to get some more damage on them a bit.
    - always the outside chance of-
    - Fulcrum 2.0
    - Old Rex! New meta leader (ultimate dev troll)
    - Mandalorians... read the synopsis of Rebels season 4 first 2 episodes.
  • I'm... not gonna put a zeta on Phoenix.
  • I fixed pretty much every prob they have below
  • Maybe stronger just refers to people having more stars and gear than they did the first time around.
  • Theres only one level 7 ability on each of them that can be upgraded to Zetas. Dont be picking Omega abilities to be improved to Zetas.
  • Chopper: change basic to "grant a random rebel or droid ally speed, offense, or defense up. If that ally is Phoenix. Reduce their cooldowns by 1". Either change his taunt to 2 turns. Or better yet, give him something that happens when he dodges (cooldown reduction orhealth regen preferable). For his second special either reduce the cooldown by 1, or give a chance to dispel all enemies (or a percent chance to dispel other enemies)

    Ezra: for his unique either change to cap to 10, or greatly modify to 2-3% offense a turn but no cap. Have Kanan assist in his flourish

    Zeb: allow him to taunt on honor guard. Potentially allow him to grant the protection up to other Phoenix allies. Do enjoy the idea of a sweep zeta to call an assist

    Hera: for her basic I notice the expose is applied after the damage. Assuming they're still the healthiest, so I'd change to apply expose before the damage. Play to strengths, if she calls either a rebel or Phoenix ally, call an additionally ally to assist. Allow backup plan on herself, potentially either increase health regeneration, speed, or both. Finally for her leader since she lead her cell it should be more like: All Phoenix allies share their unique with each other, in addition. All rebel allies gain 10% turn meter when they use a special, doubled when below full health, and have a 50% chance to reduce their cooldowns by 1 when they use a special"
    Kanan: remove crit bonus on basic and instead have: if the target already had offense down, grant a random ally advantage, if that ally was Phoenix, they also gain 15% turn meter. His taunt should last either another turn, or perhaps grant an ally either protection up or crit immunity, his cleanse should get everyone, or at least all Phoenix allies
    Sabine: perhaps add an irresistible effect for empire enemies on demolish? And for her unique perhaps on crit damage boost, instead gain stacking crit damage for each critical hit, or doing more damage to buffed enemies and/or full health enemies
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