TB Crashed while playing and Messed Up My Score

So I was just doing my Combat Missions in TB and was on the 4th wave when the app crashes. I reopen the app and discover I am no longer able to do the Combat mission I was just doing, it also didn't credit me for the 4 waves I did complete, AND it said I deployed my troops for that battle.


Normally I don't get mad about these things but this little incident caused me a triple whammy!!!

Anyone else experience this? Can someone please try to fix this? I'm sitting right next to my router so I know it wasn't an internet problem.


  • Liath
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    Lots of people have experienced it, there are many threads.
  • Same here. My small guild had a shot at a 2ND star, but the 329k points I normally achieve was lost because of the app crashing. Insult to injury was landed when the characters were locked out, as well as the battle...

    I submitted a help ticket through the app and was sent a "regarding lost accounts" generic response. At least read the tickets submitted... Infuriating!
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  • My guild already is 2 stars less this tb than last. Between the crashes not counting points and those who just aren't participating because of the crashes. Very frustrated and needs to be addressed.
  • Mine just locked 3/6
  • I have the same Problem.
    Hoth Rebell Scout mission. No reaction in the beginning 4th round.
    Cls lead r2d2 luke (farmboy) old ben and scout.
    Hopefully you can fix this issue for the next TB.
  • Same thing just happened to me i was on 6/6 almost done then this ish. Yea this **** brings down the ability to maximize your score and star count ea need to redo the way tb battles locks and saves deployments if their not going to fix the bugs floating around are you guys unaware that people actually invest in this thing this whole tb is now ruined thanks to dev carelessness in dealing with bugs
  • Kat
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    I just got the same problem, i was giving the last hit on the last mobs on the 6th Wave, then got a crash and 0 point earned except for the 5 characters deployed
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  • Same thing here but mine looked to be causes by the last Stand Unique Buff. My toon died and came back with it then died again and froze the battle up on battle 6/6. Can a charCter be revived multiple times becuz of that buff?
  • I had the Rogue 1 phase 2 crash today after 5:00cst and the system reset. I couldn’t go back and try the fight. The resulting i my guild loosing possible guild event tokens. Please help us and fix this bug. My id is Lone StarRebel16
  • I have been playing this game since February of this year i started during the nihilus event ive spent less than $50 on it and have mostly enjoyed it until the territory battles started used to it would crash every once in a while during the fleet battles but ever since this most recent TB it has crashed 15 times in the past 12 hours and its getting ridiculous it crashed when i was upgrading a mod then when i came back in i tried to do an arena battle and it immediately crashed again and i came back in and it crashed as soon as i tried to do a gw and its been crashing like nobodies business when i try to raid or participate in the TB
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