tb screen freeze

Im in the middle of crushing the competition with my clone squad on day 3 of my guilds third territory battle event, and we have been doing quite well, when the attack command just suddenly becomes unresponsive. I pull up the chat box hoping it might help, when i close it the attack commands are no longer even on screen. The option to retreat was faded as well(wouldnt want to do that anyway), so i waited a few minutes then rebooted the game. When i got back to territory battles my clone deployment stood but the easy win will now count as a loss and that is totally unfair. I thought it took so long to bring this out cause ea would be covering bugs like this but here we are and it feels like we have been singled out in some kind of biased way cause we are blazing so good on this tb thing. In a situation like this my deployment should come back to me, i should be allowed to finish the last match this will reflect negatively on my stats all the work and time i put in on this. Ea really needs to address this bug an individual doesnt know when its safe to play tb these days
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