Endless loop

I'm currently stuck in an endless loop. 5's vs snowtrooper ops with the blackout buff in TB. Neither can out-dps the other, and 5's was under a GK lead. They both keep healing for more damage than their taking.

This ever happen to anyone else? It happened to a guildie last time, and he just had to suck it up and scrub the whole battle. That's a huge loss. Any ideas? Will this eventually time out?


  • Also forgot to mention, we nailed the planetary shield bonus, so the snowtrooper can't put me out of my misery that way either.
  • I have similar but with Biggs vs Snowtrooper Ops. Wedge lead, but Wedge is dead. 1 vs 1.
    Both healed endlessly. Every time Biggs put him in yellow, the Ops healed himself, Biggs always heals because of Wedge lead. After 10 min. auto I had to forfeit from the sixth round. :(
  • My solution is focus shoretrooper ops first or fairly quickly. If you're leaving him for last then your focus order has strange priority. Elite units, then Probe droid, spec ops, tie pilot, snowtrooper, then the tank people. That's how your focus should go. I always complete my missions with ease until phase six by following that order.
  • He kept stealthed or hiding behind taunts. Couldn't get him gone first. Over 2.5 hours later, they're still going. On the plus side, I finally got around to finishing the Ahsoka book, and have gotten a few chapters into Phasma.
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