Spelling Mistakes

For the german translations of several abilities I noticed some mistakes, which I will list below.

First Order Stormtooper: His Omega basic attack "Hindering Shot" says "[...] Dispel all debuffs from target" which should correctly be "Dispel all buffs".
Cassian Andor: His Zeta unique "Groundwork" reads "[...] All Rebel allies gain 20% defense at the start of each encounter" and it should be "20% protection up".
Gar Saxon: Omega Special "Calculated Ambush" says "[...] Enemies with less than 50% turnmeter take double the damage, enemies with less than 50% lose 30% turnmeter", but it should be "Enemies with at least 50% turnmeter lose 30% turnmeter".

Note: The descriptions of the upgrade's effect on the left side for Cassian and FOST are correct, but the full desriptions on the right have the previously described spelling mistakes.

@CG_Kozispoon , @EA_MindTricks or whom it may concern


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