Character Idea: BB-9E (BB-H8)

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I saw a post regarding the New BB-9H droid, and I realised it's been a while since a Dark side Droid is introduced, much as I wish for a separatist Droideka, a first order BB-9E is also pretty good, so I came up with a couple of ideas myself:

Basic Ability: Brutal Interrogation
Deals Special damage to Target, Inflicting Daze and Stagger. Grants advantage to a specific ally. If the Target ally is also First Order, target ally also gains 50% TM

(Whole idea behind this --> Interrogation techniques are often horrendous and leaves the victim traumatized, so maybe a daze and stagger is a good aftermath effect. Bonus TM+ Advantage is from getting intel from the victim)

Special Ability 1: Disruptive Shockwave (Start the encounter on 5 turn cooldown)
Deals unavoidable shockwave to all enemies, dispel all positive effects and inflicting buff immunity on target enemy. All enemies will suffer critical chance down and Daze. All enemies who are marked by the "Order's menace" will have 30% TM removed and stunned

(I am hoping for some really cool wave projection effect for this ability haha, maybe a slow glowing sharp brightness like a flashbang that projects outwards and hit all eneimes. The Shockwave will be good against dispelling tanks as well as preventing future taunts especially rebel tanks. Order's menace is a special effect that CANNOT be dispelled --> See unique)

Special ability 2: Absolute Order (3 Turn cooldown)
Equalize all allies' Turn meter and Grant all allies 25% turn meter. This effect is double for first order allies. First order allies also gain tenacity up for 1 turn.

(This is a new cool effect that I am hoping for some real nice combos. Alot of times, my toons get stunned or sometimes one gets faster or slower than another and it is really annoying for me to set up some nice combos. THIS ability helps to set ALL allies' tm the same, also granting bonus TM, much like chirruts health equalizer. HOWEVER, one must tread carefully as this ability may lead to enemies going faster than your toon before using the ability! So use WISELY!)
Unique 1: Supreme protocol
All darkside allies gain 10% bonus offense, 10% bonus protection and 15% critical damage while BB-9E is alive. This bonus is doubled for First order allies. When BB-9E is defeated for the first time, BB-9E also has 80% chance to revive with 50% health and 1-turn stealth.

Possible Zeta: +5% bonus offense, +10% bonus protection, +10% critical chance, +20% revival chance,+50% revive health, +1 turn stealth

(First order utilizes alot of Unknown regions technology and various other resources apart from the Core worlds. It would be great to grant BB-9E some superior technology that boosts Allies' damage output and survival odds.

Unique 2: Order's Menace
at the start of each BB-9E's turn, a random enemy gains the effect "Order's Menace". This effect cannot be dispelled, and allies who damage enemies during their turns with "Order's Menace" will have 25% chance of gaining advantage. This chance is doubled for first order allies.

Possible Zeta: Chance increased to 50% and 100% for First order allies.

(First order is supposed to be scary and threatening. Imagine people living under the terror of its reign, and when you have been MARKED by the first order for DEATH.)

Feel free to share your Ideas! Sorry for the long post, here's a potato

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  • Haha, this looks so fun.
  • ExarTheKun wrote: »
    Haha, this looks so fun.
    Thanks for the feedback! I hope he gets released haha. @CG_Kozispoon please make this happen!! :D
  • Awesome post and great idea Aplus! We need more ds toons for sure:)
  • Awesome post and great idea Aplus! We need more ds toons for sure:)
    Thanks Orion glad you like it! Though if it happens I don't think i hv the resistance team to unlock him xD
  • I dig it. At first I looked at his unique and though "man that's a little excessive." Then I remembered CLS and thought "Oh, never mind."
  • Omega_S021 wrote: »
    I dig it. At first I looked at his unique and though "man that's a little excessive." Then I remembered CLS and thought "Oh, never mind."

    That's exactly what I thought! I mean, Dark side has not been in power for a long time except for the short duration of maul, not to mention the total lack of love towards dark side DROIDS. After R2, K2S0, BB8, Chopper, ALL of which are light side droids.

    This character set up is meant to mostly target critical rebels and overall dark side versatiliy by greatly reducing enemy's burst offensive capabilities while boosting own's offense as well as TM manipulation.
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    Been sometime since the movie, with bb8 out already and various other toons, can I bring this toon idea out from the tomb and hopefully gain some attention? xD
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