TB rewards ... I'm ready to be pleasantly surprised

Got 36 stars last time and ended up with 6, 6, and 12 pieces of salvage (wish I had taken a screenshot). I was *not* impressed.

But I'm ready to be pleasantly surprised this time around. We're again at 36 stars, and given that TBs are not happening so often, and given the various posts from CG that rewards are being looked at ... I'm ready to have this once every two weeks major content release finally be worth our time.


  • I was a little bummed frankly. I think for getting 40*, we kinda earned a full piece which we didn't get. Would be nice to see a level - even 41* when the box ranks up - where you're guaranteed a full piece. This is a lot of work to not get that, and with them being only 3 a month now...
    Don't get me wrong, very happy the rewards are better than they were. But a carrot like that would mean a lot more.
    Whine whine whine. :)
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