S.E. Vaders Apprentices: 112m GP HSITH Guild 49/50

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Vaders Apprentices: Currently 47/50

112m GP
38/45: LS TB
40/48: DS TB

Hello everyone, given the success of our great community in the Secluded Empire, We have reached the point where we have been turning down middle players, Still hoping to help middle players grow, we have decided to create a new guild focused on assisting players to grow their rosters, learn the tactics for endgame content and generally grow in a friendly and helpful environment. This new sister guild has quadrupled in strength the Year after we took over and are destroying HAAT and making great improvements in TB every week, We are winning almost all of our TWs (8 win streak) with massive scale victories. Join today for a chance to join a very fast growing community!

On the 09/09/18 VA destroyed their first Heroic Sith Raid and are now officially a HSITH guild, making us one of the lowest GP guilds to ever clear HSITH, that alone should so how dedicated and organised our team is!

About us:

Heroic Rancor: 20:00 GMT+1, with a 24 hr 0 Damage Rule
HAAT: 19:00 GMT +1, With a 24 Hr 0 Damage Rule
HSITH: Launched whenever available currently takes 24 hours to kill, once kill time becomes faster we will appoint an official start time

We are a determined and friendly group, making strong progress but with a semi-relaxed attitude.. We look forward to being able to help the future top players of Swgoh begin their journeys!

Level 85: This may increase in the future however it will not affect members that are already present in the guild
GP: 1.8m GP or higher (This will not affect members who joined before this requirement)
Be active: Please be sure to log in daily, we will remove players who become inactive without letting one of our officers know in advance
Daily Tickets: 600 tickets a day from all members, so please do your best to contribute towards your 600/600. We average at 28-29k Tickets a day atm
HSITH Teams: Must have at least 1 HSITH Team ready, but the more the better

The Main rule is to be respectable and friendly to each other, we wont tolerate people just being generally horrible human beings.

Repeated low participation in TB, TW, tickets, and raid are grounds for dismissal.

Contributing to the raids is required, even if you do 0 damage, it helps you get gear so you can improve and do better

Discord is mandatory for use from any new recruits.

There are many activity rules for TB and TW, As long as you are active and take part in each phase all will be good!

Zaraos: Guild Leader of all Secluded Empire Guilds
Mudd: Overseer of Vaders Apprentices (Mudd#6195)
Tiric Thorn: Head of HSITH
Fuli: Head of the Tank Raid
Muffin: Head of TB
Blackst4r: Head of TB
Obi Guyster Head of Rancor
Celimas: Head of TW (Celimas#4900)

We have many more officers on our team but these are the main ones.

Contact us:
Please feel free to contact me through message on here with any questions. but you can also contact us on the following

Discord: Mudd#6195 or Celimas#4900 Or feel free to PM myself on the forums
Line ID: Secludedempire (Please only use as a last resort, its not checked often)
Ally Code: 549-645-183
Many thanks and i hope to hear from you all very soon!
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