Should I gear up Thrawn or DN?

I have both 1 piece from gear 9 right now (*shakes fist at stun gun*). DN is 40 shards away from 7 stars. I should be able to get Thrawn to 7 in October when he returns. So basically both are going to be 7 stars in the next couple of weeks.

I'm running a typical CLS group right now that keeps me in the 20-50 range of my Dec 15 shard. CLS, R2, Han, GK, and a rotating 5th as the mood strikes me (usually Leia or Baze). Interestingly, my GK is 6 stars right now and I'll be finishing him up on Wed, Oct 18th, so I'm expecting to 7 star DN, Thrawn, and GK all within a few days. Good times. :)

So yeah, I'm usually around level 25 in my arena at payout time, but I just can't break into the top 20 because of GK/Zarriss teams, or Thrawn/DN teams, messing me up. Planning for the future, I'd like to be ready to move up in the current (incredibly weird) meta where you have to take out super high DPS counter teams AND anti-crit teams ... because those are really the only two types you're going to fight in the top 50.

I think I'm going to have to stick with R2 (it's basically game over if you don't get stealth up), CLS (for obvious reasons), Han (because he's bonkers), and GK (anti-crit and all). But that leaves that fifth spot up for grabs, and I have decided (as you can probably guess) that it's between Thrawn and DN.

Thoughts? I think DN is going to be easier to get to g11, but I'm hording gear so, to be honest, I should be able to get them both to g11 without issue in a few weeks. So it comes down to who will be better at 7 stars in my planned team?

I like the idea of Thrawn for fracture and protection regen. I currently HATE fighting GK/Zarriss teams because I can never keep GK buff blocked for long enough to take Zarriss down. But if I can just lock GK down, that should hopefully let me burn down Zarriss with CLS and Han.

But would DN be better? I can hide him behind stealth and GK, and if I make him fast enough (probably only to about 200-210 speed however), I can just annihilate the problem enemy.

Anyway, I just don't know. What are your thoughts? I suppose I'm leaning toward Thrawn because he's Empire, can be made faster than DN, and can do things like swap TM with Han if I need to burn someone down. DN seems more of a two trick pony and more of a liability with his aoe on defense if stealth is down. But then he CAN blow up bad guys regardless of how many HP/Prot they have, which will only become more useful as g12 takes over.

*sigh* I just don't know. Advice?


  • Well I'm in a very similar situation and I am going the Thrawn route. Imo when I play against him in arena, he is much harder than Nihlus.

    CLS buff immunity helps against those Barris/GK teams, but it's too easy to mess up when you're against those two and R2, where Thrawns fracture will make it much easier to control the battle.

    Plus the protection and TM gains makes Thrawn much more useful than Nihlus, who is super easy to take out.
  • I like DN but think thrawn is stronger for pvp
  • Thanks for input. I actually do think Thrawn is the way to go. I sometimes hate going against DN, but I actually rarely get annihilated by him, and while his ability turn increaser aoe is a pain, he's also pretty slow, so I can get off a lot of turns before he goes anyway.

    Thrawn though ... he's just a PAIN to fight. I had Zarriss down to 5% HP, and the bugger gave her TM and Protection, and she then healed up. Needless to say, I lost.

    So yeah, Thrawn is where it's at, for me at least.
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