36* well-built guild seeks attractive 2MM+ GP player. Must love dogs and G12 gear

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- 36* guild that should easily grab 38* next week. We punch way above our weight class because our TB is organized AF.
- People who work together to crush TB, have each others' backs, but also realize this is a mobile Star Wars game and no one really thinks BB-8 could beat Mace Windu, so there's no reason to really get upset about any of this stuff
- Part of a 5 guild community (full disclosure- one of those guilds is a place for our alts to Netflix and chill. It doesn't really count) that's full of really smart people who love to give you their opinion on theorycrafting, arena teams, Game of Thrones, and beer.
- Look great in a designer suit, or just a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt lounging around the house.

- Maybe tired of carrying 49 other guys who don't seem to care about improving
- 2 MM+ GP, CLS, 5* CHS, and hey, if you happen to have a 7* lobot, we might let you come in for a nightcap.
- Some sweet light side squads that can 6/6 those snowtroopers like it ain't no thing.
- Cool with a 7:30 Eastern guild reset
- All about them 600/day
- Down for whatever

That's what we got. Whatchu got? Let's get together and see what happens. Click >>>HERE<<< and ask for Dubin! We can just talk. No commitment. You know how we do. Or you can friend me on Discord - Dubin#2481

We're just trying to fill one slot, so if you're interested, holler. The next TB is on Monday, and it's not like your guild is suddenly going to get it together in the next 3 days. Also, if it helps, we completely have snacks. Not garbage snacks like mixed nuts or raisins. I'm talking sliders, pizza rolls, you know, the good stuff.


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