Easiest DS ships to complete the zeta mission

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I'm on an alt account at level 66, so I have a ways to go before I get to tier 3 and the zeta mission, but I absolutely want to be as ready as possible when I get there. I've decided to put a major focus on ships for this account, since I literally don't care about them on my main.

Anyway, given my shard is new, I've noticed a lot of people aren't giving ships much focus. In the past week I've farmed the two Phoenix ships to 2 stars, and with my PS characters all at level 66, my fleet power is up there, believe it or not. I'm solidly in the 50-100 range and fully expect to be in the top 20 in a few days.

So I've decided I'm going to farm the two PS ships and get them to 7 stars by buying them from the fleet store whenever they show up, because I'm also planning on the PS characters being my main LS team (at least until I can get CLS / R2). This should (hopefully) easily keep me top 20 or top 10 for the foreseeable future. I figure I'll farm Wedge and Biggs' ships to round out my light side ships, along with ... *shrug* ... maybe Ahsoka?

But that leaves me figuring out what DS ships to get, because (surprise surprise) it looks like DS is harder to get than LS, especially when you factor in getting the characters to 7 stars as well.

I think I'm going to get the Vader ship (even though they don't appear too often in the fleet store) because I'll be getting him to 7 stars just by playing, and probably the FOTP one when it appears in the GW shop, because at least now there are 2 hard nodes to get him from. But what should my other ones be? I was considering Maul, but then I'd ALSO have to be farming him from the fleet shop, so I'd probably hit a shard wall.

So any thoughts - what are the easiest DS ships to get to be prepared for the zeta challenge, keeping in mind I'm only level 66 so high level hard node farming is out.

Slave 1! Of course - Boba is an easy farm from the cantina shop, and Slave 1 shows up at least once a week (*cough*), so I should probably have it to 5 stars by the time I'm 78.

So that's Vader, Boba, and FOTP for DS ships. I need to figure out the other two to get. :)


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    Geonosian Soldier is probably the easiest one to raise to a usable condition for the challenges since the blueprints appear frequently in the fleet shop & the GW shop, plus on a hard battle node that also awards Krennic shards, and the pilot is a freebie character you already got soon after you started the account.

    I wouldn't necessarily recommend that ship to use in Fleet Arena since there are certainly others that are much more compatible with the ships you named. But if you just need a ship that can be quickly built up in order to beat the challenges, then Geo Soldier fits the criteria.

    I think Darth Maul will give you better value in the long run though, since his zeta leader ability is still good for a new Squad Arena shard (until a lot of people get Rex, R2, Commander Luke, etc anyway), and he remains a decent raid character and great ship well past his Squad Arena expiration.
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    Tie Fighter is also good since TFP has both a cantina and appears in fleet store, plus he's empire so that's one more toon for you to get R2-D2.

    The last one might have to be sun fac since you will be really stretched for shards and he at least appears in the guild store and his ship appears in the GW store.
  • So I wrote a list yesterday of which LS and DS ships I'll get. For now, I'm just focusing on the five quickest faction ships to 5 stars while also being able to get the pilots to a reasonable level, all at the same time. That's why I left Maul off the list - having to get both character and ship shards in the ship shop was too much at once

    Light Side ships
    1) Ghost
    2) Phantom II
    3) Biggs
    4) Ahsoka Tano
    5) ? - Resistance pilot?

    Dark Side ships
    1) Slave I
    2) TIE Advanced
    3) Imperial TIE Fighter
    4) First Order Tie Fighter
    5) ? - Geo Solider?
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