Looking for a fun, friendly, low-pressure guild to progress in?

Onederon Sarlacc Snacks (yes, there's a typo in the name, but we can't change it) is looking for active players of all levels.

Basically, we're a pretty laid-back group that just wants to have fun and do well. No drama. No arguing. Everyone has a say.

We run T7/Heroic Rancor and Normal AAT with a 24-hour wait period on the rancor to make sure everyone gets on the board. (If you're newish, you'll progress faster by landing at the bottom of a T7 than near the top of a lower tier. Honest.)

We have a good core group of level-85 players, and also we welcome lower-level players who want to progress with us.

Look us up through Guild Search!


  • Also, feel free to send me an ally invite: gufu21, 231-132-792
    (I'm not an officer, so I can't add you directly. But it might help the guild show up in the Guild Search for you.)
  • We're a pretty helpful, respectful bunch with a good leader and good officers who don't ego trip.
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