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The next time around I plan on getting at least 5* Yoda, so here is my current plan for a Jedi Team

Qui Gon Jinn(L) Current 4*
Mace Windu (Current 4*)
Luminara (Farming)
Barriss (Curious)
Jedi Consular (Current 4*)

So that is my plan but I wanted to know how should I priortize things should I try getting to Barriss's mission than 5* Mace or 5* Mace than go get Barriss? Also Jedi Consular I doubt I will get to 5* just from hard modes so he competes for Cantina as well. So can you help me priortize Cantina, also how does the planned team look?


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    Mace can be a liability, as his expose allows yoda to resist it and gain turn meter. He is not bad, but be leary of doing anything that can net yoda extra turn meter
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    Here's mine at this point

    Lumi 5*
    QGJ 5*
    Consular 4*
    Guardian 4*
    Ashoka 2*
    Barris - Farming

    It will be a while before I get Yoda, but hey I started the game in December. I plan on replacing the Guardian with Ashoka.
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    I'm just focusing for a 5* Yoda next month. This is what I'm doing and current ranks:

    Lumi 6* - GW Shop
    JC 5* - I stopped for now
    QGJ 4* - Cantina Shop
    Eeth 4* - Arena Shop
    Mace 4* - Cantina battles
    IGD 4* - DS battle

    I also have Ahsoka and JKG who I'm doing nothing with since they are pretty weak.
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    I believe Im in the same boat. Right now I'm on stage 3 (trying to beat it before the end of this event) running:
    Mace 4*
    Lumi 4*
    JC 4*
    Koth 4*
    QGJ 2* (Trying to farm him.. One more cantina purchase and he is 3*. 20/25 shards)

    But I'm not sure really where to go after I complete stage 3. I've been reading these forums more and more and QGJ seems to be the way to go, and I really like Mace so I will probably try to get those to 5* for Yoda (while getting JC as well because I farm that node), but getting Koth up will be difficult with my low arena rank.

    Oh well. Good luck to everyone else in my situation.
    (Also, first post, yay!)
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