Galactic War progession

I know alot of people are complaining about the difficulty of GW. I like that it's challenging. But lately the difficulty progession in a single war has been, for lack of a better word, screwy. Before, it had a reasonable escalation from start to finish. Sometimes I beat it, more often I didn't. Lately, extremely difficult battles early followed by an easy one and then a squad killer around the halfway point. This morning, however, takes the cake.

I'm at player level 64. The 4th battle was against a squad in the lvl 65 to 67 5-star range (fair IMHO). Battle five was against a squad of 1-star lvl 2's (Seriously?). Batte 6 was a squad of 5 lvl 70's 4 7-star and 1 6-star (which I haven't even tried yet). All this before the halfway mark.

Make the difficulty progession unidirectional again, please.


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    I'm 100% with you. Ever since the update I haven't been able to make it past 7. The developers keep saying it's supposed to be hard, a challenge utilizing your entire roster. There is a difference between challenging and impossible. I am a fresh 62. My 5th battle today was 5 66's, all gear level 8 with the exception of one at 7, and 2 stars and a 6. I havent attempted it yet, but aside from sending a suicide squad in an attempt to snipe the 4star darth maul, i dont see myself making it past this. Even if my team
    Makes it through in what shape will it be in to continue? And if my top team can't do enough damage than how is this a test of my full roster? Depth of roster doesn't matter when the team im going against can wipe the entire squad in 1 turn regardless of what 5 i send against it
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