You just disabled my healer completely in Squad Arena without touching him

Bug I think.

JC didn't get a go for about 3 rounds... didn't get to go at all. No negative status effects on him, slow team in opposition and my whole team went 3 times... but I needed a healer.

So.... can you switch him on for my next fight cos it's really hard to play without a healer in there huh?

It's not rocket surgery.


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    If u are using JC in arena you have problems anyway...
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    seems like something got glitched out with JC recently, hopefully the dev team will fix this as fast as they fixed the anakin glitch in the yoda challenge, because my yoda challenge got about 100X harder with JC not keeping up and its extremely annoying, but since this wont cost them any money im sure a fix will take forever if it comes at all
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    I've seen more JC in arena lately with people trying to use all healer teams. Thanks for telling me he's broken. I was avoiding them.
  • Krey
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    Has anyone seen confirmation that they are looking into this? I won't be doing the 7* yoda challenge until next month (didn't have 5 of them this time), but 7* JC is gonna be a big part of my team for that. But since I don't use him anywhere else, I have not noticed this issue.
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