BB8 Arena fun videos against various meta teams

If you're curious how BB8 is in arena, I made a few videos playing with him under a CLS lead and an Ackbar lead.


  • Sick videos man. Nice how you got the CD on ID down so fast.
  • I didn't think ID would pop without droids or Resistance to lower the CD, but I see you've managed to get his speed high enough, and have the team utilize his special to realiably get it in after a couple turns. Nice synergy buidling.
  • He does gain a lot of turn meter once the secret intel buff is spread around and he constantly spams his special . That 70 turn cooldown goes by pretty quick
  • TeshKarhann
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    Would you recommend a zeta for him? I'm planning to use zCLS, zzR2, zHan, GK, and BB-8 in arena. Are his zetas worth it? Thinking Roll with the Punches first (or whatever it is that calls a resistance ally on counters)

    Edit: or would it be better to give CLS a second zeta?
  • Please don't use, cls, Baze or chirrut. Other than that great!
  • Yea, well CLS is gonna happen. Just gotta get G12.
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