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Since all the recent changes to the website the only way to attempt to keep up to date with posts is via the Discussions section.
But in the Discussions is normal forum posts + guild recruitments.
can you seperate the guild recruitment posts from all others this would save going through 5 pages of "join us" posts from guilds who just keep constantly posting.
nothing against guilds posting but these posts should not be among all the other Discussion posts as they are not discussions rather recruiting posts.
it would save everyone time and make the forum more streamlined and easier to find the more recent discussions about the game.


  • LynnYoda it's been a month now since I last spoke with you and I wanted to let you know how I'm doing. I'm currently on level 56 and still doing the best I can. Fighting the Sith Triumvirate in the guild raids is very hard and I'm not making much headway but it's fun and I'm still in Mustafar Fire Brigade. I updated the game last night and I heard about the new relic amplifiers you can get from the scavenger and saw the YouTube video but I noticed that a lot of negative response to this. I like to know how you feel about this new feature to the game. Also I'm not whining or complaining so much anymore when I'm not doing well in the game because again I'm huge Star Wars fan and regardless I'm still playing no matter what. George
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    Hello everyone, please remember that necroposting is against the rules. I've gone ahead and closed the thread.

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