Character Development and missed opportunities

This is a personal opinion and my thoughts on character development as the game improves. If you disagree, that's ok. Just wanted to throw this out there...

I believe this game has missed the mark on the way it allows players to collect characters. It is actually way too easy (or impossible) to collect characters IMO. I've been playing for maybe 2 months now and I have a large collection. A large collection that is probably the exact same as 90% of the rest of the players.

I really wish they made certain characters unique, but available to anyone (or only certain people). As an example, Summoners War gives the exact same % to each player on whether or not they can collect a given character. But, the rarest characters are very difficult to get. Once you unlock the character, though it is yours and you just need to level it up and equip it. If someone gets Yoda because they got lucky, GOOD FOR THEM! As it is now, character development is all about time and money. You can't get lucky. Not really, anyway. Because even if you unlock Leia (as an example), you can't star her up without spending a million bucks (so she's pretty useless as a 2* to me since I can't improve her beyond that).

I also think the equipment in this game could have been done better. Imagine if there were different equipment options. Ya, so identical characters could have different stats. That's cool, though (IMO!). I don't like that my Sidious is THE EXACT SAME SIDIOUS AS EVERY OTHER SIDIOUS IN THE GAME! Ugh. So boring.

I hope in the future they look to improve this so that players can enjoy creating (and unlocking) unique characters for themselves.
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