Possible to unlock R2 with this team?

Has anyone beat the daring droid event at tier 7 without Vader or Palp? I won't have them available for R2 event at 7 stars, but I will have Tarkin, Tie pilot, Royal Guard, Magma and Storm Trooper. Gear 9. Am I wasting my time or is this doable with these toons? Thanks for the input, appreciate it.


  • I'm going to say....difficult at the least.
  • JaggedJ
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    Do you have Phoenix so you can get Thrawn?

    I would say those toons at g9 will be very difficult for r2.
  • Corrog
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    Gear 9 all around, with good mods, you should have a shot, with perseverance. But that's really doing it the hard way. If Thrawn was in the mix, it would help, of course, as would Vader. Let us know how you do.
  • No phonex to get thawn sadly. I was only able to unlock palpatine at 6 and that's where my Vader is sitting as well. I wanted to get a 7 star R2 so I'm ready when CLS returns. I might have to cut my losses and stop farming magma and stormtrooper. I just don't want to waste time and resources on two toons to stand in for Vader and paps if they will just get me a 6 star R2 anyways.
  • Someone on another post said they beat it with this team: Tarkin lead, Veers, RG, Snowtrooper and TFP
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