Trying to guess what the other holo tables are

Looking at the cantina there are four/five other holo tables that one would assume are future features..

The one below the squad arena and galactic war table is one which has one guy looking at what appears to be three holographic image of peoples head... I'm guessing this is probably for an alliance/guild feature or something

The table with the hutt.. shows a KSE firespray and Falcon holos... one would only assume that is some star fighter stuff... so new type of characters and space fight mode?!

The remaining tables have me stumped....

The one just below the Galactic war table looks like a holo of an open chest if you scroll side to side... There is a similar one to the left side of the room... placeholder until the devs decide what future mode to put in?!

The really odd one is the one in the far left in the back... absolutely no clue what that might be.... any ideas?
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