Beat 7* Thrawn with this G8 team!



  • Follow the kill order posted earlier and it ain't bad. Here's what I had for those who still need help:

    Chopper - G9 (Spd: 189, Pot: 20%, Prt: +14k, Hth: +1.6k)
    Ezra - G8 (Spd: 181, Pot: 31%, Prt: +5k, Hth: +1.8k)
    Hera - G8 (Spd: 147, Pot: 36.5%, Prt: +3.5k, Hth: +2.2k)
    Kanan - G8 (Spd: 165, Pot: 46.5%, Prt: +2.7k, Hth: +2.4k)
    Zeb - G8 (Spd: 161, Pot: 18.9%, Prt: +3.3k, Hth: +4.2k)

    Omegas on all uniques, lvl 7 on rest of the abilities and lvl 85 on all 5. First try was swift and surprisingly easy considering the crappy mods I used.
  • Here's what I did yesterday to get the 7th star.

    Chopper - G8 Lvl 82, Spd 201, Prt 18.1k, Hth 14.9k. Ability levels 6, 7, 7, and 8.
    Ezra - G8 Lvl 80, Spd 206, Prt 9.1k, Hth 11.9k, CD 216%, CC 40%. Ability levels 7, 7, 6, and 8.
    Hera - G8, Lvl 70, Spd 198, Prt 13.4k, Hth 12.7k. Ability levels 6, 6, 6, and 7.
    Kanan - G8 Lvl 80, Spd 136, Prt 20.5k, Hth 20.6k. Ability levels 6, 6, 6, and 8.
    Zeb - G8 Lvl 70, Spd 156, Prt 10.5k, Hth 16.7k, Pot 62.5%. Ability levels 6, 6, 6, and 7.

    The key is Thrawn's first attack. If he starts fracturing, probably you are lost, so try again.
    If he starts shooting you should use Hera's backup plan to Kanan and Kanan's taunt ASAP. Keep Kanan's protection up with Zeb is also important because a longer fracture works in your favor.
    The killing order is also important, you should kill the DT ASAP and leave Thrawn until the end.
  • Also made it last night after realizing the power of Zeb's basic attack, always had Ezra call Kanan before and then switched to Zeb, got Thrawn down on 2nd attempt.
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