Mk3 Carbantis

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What about more carbantis?
Get a few from rancor loot, challenge, farming, shard shop and sometimes I buy them from shipments. But I have not enough. That is a huge problem and one of the worst parts of the game!
I hope you consider to giving us way more as reward or change other things. Lacking on a few pieces is OK but that is a real pain.
Do something devs, please. For the fun in game.


  • You can always buy them ;)

    Lot's of free crystals these days in fleet.
  • evoluza
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    ExarTheKun wrote: »
    You can always buy them ;)

    Lot's of free crystals these days in fleet.

    There is not much left after cuffs, guns, G12 gear... And then I really have to buy challenge gear? That's a big joke...
  • That's what EA intended. Otherwise, why woukd they make it one of the most used pieces if gear?

    They want you to spend a little. Can't really blame the guys for trying to make a living.
  • evoluza
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    They say they wanna make the gear grind fun. There is fun at most gear, but carbantis are no fun. They can make money with every other gear.
  • OP +1. The amount of Mk3 Carbanti gear needed is ridiculous. To be successful in TB, my guild has to level up Phoenix, Rogue One, and of course other rebels like ROLO and CHS. For the rest of the game, then there's Resistance because of the upcoming movie, and now Nightsisters.

    I have 16 toons that I need to level up from 7 to 8 or 8 to 9 for just TB alone, and each one needs 50-150 Mk3 Carbanti just to get that next level, not to mention the gear levels beyond.

    That's about 1600 pieces I need, and then there's another 15 g10/g11 toons I'd like to level up but cannot because they also need Mk3 Carbanti's.

    At about 75 challenge pieces per week, it will take 5 months to get my needed toons 1 measily level higher. Buying/farming Carbanti's would be okay if that were the only thing we needed to farm in the game, but we obviously have to spend energy and crystals on a variety of things (toon/ship farming & many other types of gear).

    IMO, the TB rewards are a failure if they don't give numerous full carbanti's each time. It's too late to change the gear requirements for the toons, so the only solution is to start rewarding us with a lot more Mk3 Carbanti's!
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