Talking about Daily Crystal was meaningless

I have not seen the Daily Crystal Boosters so I have asked EA by Chat,e-mails, etc. and it is still in progress.

Recently, I found that was meaningless.

In order to figure it out, I made a new Game Center ID and logged on the game then I was shocked.

At the Arena of New ID, just Lv28 is #1 and the #1 is the only 4* leader. Lv 10,15, even 8 is under #10 or 20.

They have got #1 or high ranked reward everyday which is much more than the Daily Crystal and grown Dath~ character much faster.

I spent much money, power is about 11000, but just stay in #150~#300 and get a reward just as it.

I have spent much time asking EA how to pay for the invisible Daily Crystal which is much smaller than their everyday reward.

I feel I was just stupid.

Is it fair?

(I have the screenshot but this website does not allow to attch a file.)


  • This is a problem, i think the developers canfix it by filling new servers with AIs.. In this way a total new player can't acquire so easy the rewards for the best positions in arena..
    On the other side, you shouldn't worry so much because probably, you won't never meet those servers' players on your way..
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