Jango Fett kit ideas

Deal physical damage to target enemy and dispel all buffs on them. All bounty hunter allies gain 5% turn meter.

Special (cooldown 3)
Deal physical damage to all enemies with an 80% chance to speed down on enemies with full health, tenacity down on enemies below 100% health, offense down on enemies with more then 50% turn meter and defense down on enemies with less than 50% turn meter.

Special (cooldown 3)
Jango dispels all debuffs from himself. For each debuff dispelled all enemies lose 10% turn meter. If any enemies were debuffed Jango gains offense up for 3 turns.

Special (cooldown 6)
Deal physical damage to target enemy. This attack scores an additional hit for each of the following:
-if no allies are defeated
-if there are more than 3 enemies present
-if Jango Fett is buffed
-for each bounty hunter ally with full health (60% reduced damage)
-if the target is debuffed

All allies gain 25% offense. Bounty hunter allies also gain 10 speed and 10% evasion.

Jango Fett gains 10 speed for each bounty hunter ally and 5% potency for each non-bounty hunter ally. Whenever an enemy is defeated Jango Fett gains offense up for 2 turns. Whenever an ally is defeated Jango Fett gains foresight for 2 turns.

Please let me know what you think of this idea and wether it is too good or just good. Thanks for reading this!


  • It's a good kit and I like it, but it would be useless in CLS. You should add a +75% chance to inflict ability block on his basic. Otherwise, it's great!
  • With offense up he could potentially almost oneshot with 3rd special but without CLS this would be good but not game breaking
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