Character Strategy- Mother Talzin

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UNIT NAME:Mother Talzin
CATEGORIES: Nightsister, support
Vicious Nightsister Leader who inflicts Plague, preventing enemies from Dispelling debuffs.
Basic: Ichor Lightning
Deal Special damage to target enemy and, if they were Plagued, inflict Plague for 3 turns. Deal Special damage to all Plagued enemies, which can't be Countered.
Plague: Unit loses 5% Health when inflicted and at the start of their turns, is immune to allied Dispels, and loses all stacks of Plague when healed to full.

Special 1: Dark Magick
Deal Special damage to all enemies and inflict Plague for 3 turns. This attack ignores Protection. (Cooldown 4)

Special 2: Spirit Blade Assault
Deal Special damage to target enemy and call all Nightsister allies to Assist. If any enemies are defeated, all Nightsister allies are revived and recover 100% Health. (Cooldown 4)

Leader: The Great Mother
  • Nightsister allies have +50% Potency and +30 Speed. When a Nightsister ally uses a Special ability, they inflict Plague on the selected target for 3 turns, which can't be Evaded. When an enemy Resists a detrimental effect, Nightsister allies gain 5% Turn Meter.
  • (ZETA): When a Nightsister ally uses a Basic ability during their turn, a random defeated Nightsister ally is revived with 50% Health and called to Assist, then the revived ally is immediately defeated unless an enemy was defeated (the revived ally can't be revived by this effect again until the end of the next turn)

Unique 1: Plaguebearer
  • At the start of each enemy turn, if they are Plagued and Talzin is active, they inflict Plague on another random enemy, which can't be Evaded or Resisted.
  • (ZETA): When any unit falls below half health, Talzin gains 35% Turn Meter

General Strategy, Synergy and Utilization

In PvE...
Mother Talzin brings a completely new and fresh gameplay experience to the Nightsisters. In the Heroic Tank Raid, she offers an impressive amount of AoE damage through the use of “Plague” combined with “Ichor Lightning”. “Spirit Blade Assault” has the ability to revive all Nightsister allies, creating a powerful sustain mechanism which allows Nightsisters to recover from what would otherwise be a weak Raid attempt. Additionally, “Plaguebearer” makes Talzin a must-have for Nightsisters, whether she is under Asajj's lead or her own, and will ensure she is a mainstay of the squad for many, many full moons.

In PvP...
Mother Talzin is crucial to a top-tier, competitive Nightsister squad. She is the only source of Plague, a new debuff unique to Nightsisters that serves as their primary source of damage in the first half of a fight. A well-constructed Nightsister squad is particularly difficult to beat on defense unless you bring the proper tools. The Zeta upgrade on “The Great Mother” provides a nearly unstoppable source of assists, generating bonus damage and extra control utility throughout each fight..

There are no plans for 6/7 dot mods this year. As with most of our Character Strat post gifs and media, there may be aspects the team is futzing with, experimenting or just using to make the showcase of the character cool.
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