Character Strategy-Nightsister Spirit



  • My main complaint is that these things are not characters. I wouldn't care if Talzin could summon a Zombie in battle for protection, or a spirit to attack. But these are THINGS, no matter how 'canon' that may be.

    We don't get banthas because some tusken rode them, do we? BUT THEY ARE CANON!

    They have no meaningfull agenda, no deeper story woven into them, nor are they iconic like a Stormtrooper.

    Karis, Luce, Naa'leth, Shelish, Talia's twin would hve done the job....
    Banthas want to eat me, but I eat back!
  • Why did we not get any more time to prepare? 1 day, these will be over before we even get all the login shards for Talia. I was planning around getting all the login shards and complete around the end of the month....
  • I don't feel this is a good answer for people looking for more DS toons. Most DS focused players I know have never worked on NS except for those who had nothing left to farm. I don't see these toons working in to other DS factions like CLS or even Raid Han in LS teams.
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