Performance issues

I have been noticing a difference in performance through the game modes. As they are different modes they are basically the same game play. IE: Lightside/Darkside,PVP battles The frame rate gets progressively worse as the game goes on. However GW battles happen so fast it's almost like I'm watching it on fast forward. I'm playing on a phone. LG V10 with the 808 snapdragon. I doubt there should be an issue with the hardware.


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    Notice the same as well.... Nexus 6p
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    I'm noticing the same also. The more you play the more the performance slows. Have to quit and restart and it works for a lil.
  • Abyss
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    Im on latest version ios for iPhone 6 and my game just got super suoer laggy w/ really long load times.............
    Hope its just a quick patch they can do or something. Feels like the gane is gonan crash everytime :(
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