Who is Mob Enforcer?

Mob Enforcer: in what film episode, or any other part of the universe, does she appear? I can't remember seeing her anywhere, and apparently so does Google search (except in a certain mobile game...)
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    Moved to correct sub forum.
  • In a galaxy far, far away there was a young girl who lost it all. Senseless violence was all she knew. She grew to accept that life and responded to others aggressively. Some would call her a bounty hunter. Her isolated life led to nobody knowing her name. Not even the all-knowing Google could determine her name or origins. Her journey will be unlike any other as she finds the meaning of friendship and family beyond her dual blasters. She will become one with the thermal detonator. She will be the most feared, respected, and beloved bounty hunter the galaxy has ever seen.

    She is the Mob Enforcer. Her time is coming. Will you stand at her side or attempt to oppose her on her pursuit to greatness? Choose wisely.
  • @DefinitelyStarlord
    Good one - it's really hard to oppose her though, because she's really hiding in a remote system far far away from usual activities - Arena, the Pit, the Tank, Hoth...

    And even my subtle attempt to draw some light on her was doomed to failure, as higher forces promptly hid that away in another dark corner of the underforums.

    A very well hidden gem for sure. Shadow of the underworld, unknown even to the Coruscant Police Force.
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    This was a nice little pick me up in the midst of these dark times.

    Nice job you two!
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