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I realize the moderators are trying to keep the forums "neat", but there needs to be a little more reading of posts before, what seems like, a hurried attempt to quickly merge it into a thread - that often has very little to do with the question(s) being asked.

As an example, I had started (now 2) threads asking about the Nighsister packs and Ewok packs not being released until the start of the respective events and, more importantly was this indicative of a new "pack release cadence" moving forward. Both threads were quickly merged - one into the mega thread about the update. And, because the original question was in the title, made no sense after being merge.

The second was merged (again, within minutes) into the "All Things NS" thread. This made little sense, as it clearly was a "General" question about pack release cadence reflected in the current events.

As I said, I realize the moderators are trying to keep things clean. But a simple question about packs and the release content should at least be answered before being buried in a megathread. Unless the point is for people asking legitimate questions to always have to put @ call outs to the devs/community people, lest they never be responded to.
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