NOTICE- Endor Event and Raid issue Resolved

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Hiya Holotable Heroes,

Since our 10/18 Game Update, we've received reports via Answers HQ of the following:
  • The Tank Takedown Raid has a turn meter bug with the main cannon after returning from a toppled state.
  • Endor Escalation is potentially yielding the incorrect number of shards for wicket.

Our team is aware of this issue and currently investigating. In addition, we're monitoring Player reports and details via Answers HQ . A hotfix should be scedhuled for today in order to address these problems. We'll update here with more information.
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    Per our Game Update status <<HERE>>, A Hotfix is scheduled today for the following:

    Endor Escalation
    • Players are being rewarded less than 10 Wicket shards.
    • Event action cap system for Endor Escalation is not working as intended.
    • Retribution is not working as intended.

    The reward range for this instance of Endor escalation should be updated to correctly display 6-10 shards. While we cannot change the rewards for this instance of Endor Escalation, future instances of Endor Escalation will reward 10 shards of Wicket and not a range of shards.

    There is also a bug in this instance of Endor Escalation’s refresh system which has caused the play counts to be shared across both tiers of the event. The intended design is that tier 1 can be completed once with one possible refresh each time the event runs (for a total of 20 Wicket shards, with refresh). Tier 2 is intended to have an independent win count of once with no refresh per event. We will NOT be correcting the refresh system in this instance, but the above design will hold for future instances of Endor Escalation.

    Finally, we are aware that Retribution is not working correctly in Endor Escalation. This has been bugged and will be fixed in future instances.

    Moving forward Endor Escalation should routinely run at least once a month, with the possibility of more.

    Heroic Tank Takedown
    • Tank Takedown: AAT cannons will now correctly revive with 0% Turn Meter.
    For any inconveniences caused by the above, this Hotfix will be providing the following to players (who have unlocked Events, level 20) inboxes:
    • Wicket shards: 20
    • Crystals: 250

    We appreciate your patience as these issues are addressed!

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    Hotfix has been pushed and the above content addressed. We'll keep monitoring player reports via Answers HQ. Cheers!
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