Cheat Code Visa - A SWGOH Podcast

Greetings fellow SWGOH-ers. Wanted to share this for on here for awhile but had to get past that terrible Origins signup phase (they lost my old account, darnit).

We are fast approaching episode five of our new(ish) bi-weekly SWGOH podcast and wanted to share it with everyone on here. Every other week, Nibinay and I spend roughly one hour chatting about our love of Coruscant Underworld Police, lack of gear and Zetas, spread some rumors and we even discuss some strat for casual and advanced players.

This is not the typical podcast where we speak solely of stats, methods and intense information. This is us getting together and speaking about the fun game, venting about stupid things that happen to us and generally just discussing things we like and dislike while having a good laugh.

Each show we feature new guests and we are even working on a live show where discord users can call in to discuss fun(ny) stuff about the game and interact with us. It's available on all the usual platforms and will be hitting YouTube later next week (YouTube will be one week behind the podcast release each show).

If you're interested, here are the links;

Google Play;

Thanks everyone, hope you enjoy!

PS. We have an amazing guest lined up for this weeks' upcoming show. ;)
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