How difficult is Palpatine's event?



  • Easy but not yoda easy lol
  • The EP event was one of the first Legendary Event. It is the easiest by far. The best is indeed Phoenix since they also unlock Thrawn and are very easy/quick to farm (except Sabine, Hard Node) but any Rebel at 7*/G8/Lv7 skills/Lv15 Grey Mods will do.
  • Vendi1983
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    2nd easiest Legendary.
  • Vendi1983 wrote: »
    2nd easiest Legendary.

    Yeah, Yoda is still easiest. That event I beat with a rag tag group of Jedi including two gear 6(qgj and snips), an entirely unmodded gear 9 old Ben, a gear 8 Kanan, and gear 9 Ezra on auto first attempt to 3* it. Palps event needs some sort of cohesion.
  • I think a blind Rhesus monkey with no fingers could beat the Yoda event.
  • Easy, can beat with all team g7, zeb 8, hera 8 and lvl 75
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    well, Im 68 with 7star phoenix, gear 7-8 and only can take down the 2 guards before its yeah the very min. would prolly be lv 70 (uniques unlocks for most of them) and gear 8 to have a decent shot for Palpatine 7star
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