Best squad to get R2?

What team works well to get R2 whenever he comes back around? I know they have to be empire but can it be ones that are fairly easy to farm? Thanks


  • I heard the event will be comming back at the end of this month. Anyway, is it possible to get 7* R2 without Palpatine and/or any Zeta mats?
    Tarkin Vader RG TFP Magma is the squad I have in my mind
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  • Krjstoff wrote: »
    FFS ... we have a massive forum here. Could you try to look around for just a few seconds before posting?

    1: Go here:
    2: Read the countless number of threads about the exact same question.

    [EDIT] Sorry, I now realise that the millions of "Will my team get me R2"-posts in the subforum doesn't specifically answer YOUR question. But if you could start out by reading through at least a couple of thousands of those posts, and see if anybody would have a remotely similar issue, that'ld be great. Thanks.

    Sorry for being a ****, but seriously ....

    I know this is an old post, but seriously - you must be proud being such an **** on the forum, especially as this is the first thread that pops up in Google when searching for squad questions for R2. You must be proud.
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